June 21, 2024

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The Rise of the Digital Marketing Industry in America

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Perhaps no other field has grown as quickly in the last two decades as the Digital Marketing field has. Having been created as recently as Google has been around, this industry is also a new one that many people have never heard of. This creates two important factors. One, there is a high demand for workers in this industry at the moment. Two, that demand should die out relatively quickly given the fields recent boost in popularity. Because of these two factors, the working youth in America is flocking to this industry contributing to a rise college dropouts. Since this is a new industry, it is not an industry that schools have given any attention to. In addition, the majority of this field has the ability to be self-taught. All of these factors, and many more, are the result of the rise of this industry in America. With that being said, here is more of the most significant impacts the rise of this field has had in the states. 

A Rise in New Start-Ups 

Digital Marketing can be defined as traditional marketing, but on the internet. Instead of newspapers, billboards, and yellow pages being the way businesses reach customers, this industry has allowed for Google advertising and optimization to take place of the old ways. Moreover, since many businesses are not caught up to this trend of marketing, they are turning to digital marketing agencies and start ups to get them caught up. The result is a rise of start-ups from a brand new industry. Worth noting, these new start-ups are very young and hip. Some start-ups are even branding themselves as a youth Digital Marketing Company.

Providing Cheaper Alternatives For Local Businesses 

As mentioned before, the digital marketing industry has created methods to attract eyes online. What this means for local businesses is that instead of paying huge amounts for outdated marketing methods in hopes of attracting customers, local businesses can now decide when and where to advertise their company. The result of this is a huge amount of savings for local businesses. In fact, digital marketing has created methods that allows local businesses to run an advertising campaign for ridiculously small budget amounts. Also worth noting, it means that businesses that are not taking advantage of these digital marketing methods are destined to be overtaken by competing businesses that are taking advantage. 

It Shows The Impact of Technology 

One thing that the rise of this field shows more than anything, is the impact that technology is having on our daily lives. Not even a decade ago, this field was barely leaving a mark on business in America. Today, the internet has resulted in this industry being the backbone of American businesses. The Digital Marketing industry, in many ways, is a sign of how dependent we are on technology and the internet. Whether we look at this in a positive or negative way, there is no denying that we have to adapt to the impact that technology and this industry now has.

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